Have you ever gone past desire to see behind that it’s actually because you can finally accept your 7th house and have a relationship with yourself, and with that you’re ready to give yourself to another wholesomely?

Creative self expression, they always say.. As I type away in my lover’s office in the dark, I silently crave for his presence, or just to touch his face and look at him deeply. Sometimes, he doesn’t know, but I know things. For example, I caught him tearing up a little. Just for awhile, and it was gone.

Concentrate your mind, they say. I find my intense focus drawing some flow of peace and innate warmth from my loins.

I finally know how to stop the tears from coming. I just have to call your name in my head, and pain goes away. They say, whenever you can’t seem to bring yourself to say a certain someone’s name without crying -it’s because your love is overflowing.

I want you here right now.



Projections in where you see the darker side of humanity, but knowing that’s a gift as well because depth will be given, in totality.

Projections in where you see the lighter side of humanity, but that’s a gift to give somebody their full light, in totality.

I have accepted the energy exchange happens during coitus and we give our better energies to our other half to wake them up, vice versa.

Love and acceptance, so hard, when you come from conditional programming which you have created for yourself.


“Your sensuality drives me crazy, it makes me pine for you even more.”

With Chet Baker’s full album playing softly in the background, she happily lights up the sandalwood scented candle in the bedroom. She walks towards the dresser to check how she looks. She did a messy updo, grabbed her favourite scent and rolled it onto hot points on her neck. She had carefully picked out her outfit for the night – the lacy black peignoir, classy and sexy at the same time.

In the midst of preparing, she hears the front door get unlocked. “He’s here,” she thought to herself. Slowly but sensually, she does some final touches and walks towards the door. Today was a long day for him, and all he was looking forward to was to just wind down. He was not expecting any surprise. She greeted him at the door. “Mmm, look who’s home,” she added with a coy smile, at the same time flaunting her bodacious figure in that daring lacy black peignoir.

He looked up and at the moment he saw her, all worries have been replaced with thoughts filled with lust, love and passion. The way the peignoir fitted loosely but not shapelessly on her body, her nipples slightly showing through the lightly covered chest area, her scent, the way she was coyly smiling, her deep sensual gaze – he could go on and on. He found all of her so alluring, so perfect, so beautiful, so divine. Yet somehow he knew that by just calling her beautiful would not even suffice.

“She is truly a work of art,” he finally thought to himself. Again, his heart started racing wildly as the thoughts of making hard love to her kept resurfacing since his verpa was really getting unmanageable. What was he waiting for? He didn’t know. Maybe deep down inside, he just wanted to enjoy this beautiful moment. Maybe he just wanted to savor every bit by first devouring her purely through his piercing gaze. Or maybe what he wanted was more than just an animalistic impulse to dive into rough love-making. He craved for a genuine connection, he wanted their love-making to not be just a union of physical bodies, but rather – a union of two beautiful twin souls.

She could read him like a book. Without hesitating, she took his hands and placed it on her wide hips while she wrapped her arms around his neck. She started slow dancing to the mellow jazz that was softly playing in the background, never breaking eye contact with him as she gazed into the deepest recesses of his soul. He picked up fairly fast for he was a good dancer, but his thoughts were still racing like a wild deer. He could feel her soft but well-toned flesh underneath the peignoir. That itself was hard to handle – for the tenderness of her flesh made him want to submit to his desires, but what really drove him to the brink of insanity was her swaying hips.

It was an excruciating tease. Their hips were so incredibly close to each other, but they never made contact. Whenever she moved forward, he would have to move a step backwards vice versa. That was what slow dancing is about – an intricate & formulaic tease. “I know what you’re thinking of,” she whispered softly into his ear. That whisper sent tingles throughout his body like how an ASMR activates tingle points in one’s body. His verpa was really sticking out like a sore thumb now.

Just like that without any warning, he carried her swiftly and made way to the bedroom. Frantically, he dropped her onto the bed and dropped his weight on her. “Your sensuality drives me nuts. You don’t even have any idea how it makes me pine for you even more,” he said with so much aggression for the next thing he could only think of is to fuck her (for the lack of term) to oblivion. She coyly pulled away, but he had her pinned down beneath the sheets. Her invigorating scent filled his nostrils as he kissed her neck. With every kiss planted on her skin, she would moan slightly. The neck was her weak spot and he knew that very well.

It came to a point where she could not resist this beautiful being any longer. She wanted to feel his verpa deep in her, she wanted to give all of herself to this man, but most importantly – she wanted to feel the rhythmic pulsating and throbbing sensation that happened whenever they both climaxed. The next thing you know, she was already undressing him. This fueled his passion to make love to her even more. He wanted to make her wildest fantasies come true. He wanted to hear her call his name softly and breathlessly while she digs her fingertips deep into his back as he thrusts passionately without breaking eye-contact.

They could only handle that much amount of physical pleasure before bursting into a powerful climax together. As each one of them climaxed, the other could see the momentary bliss in each others’ eyes. They knew deep down inside that was a glimpse of how enlightenment truly felt like, and that the art of making love was beyond physical intimacy. The art of making love at its core is purely spiritual, and that they have finally accomplished it after constantly searching for each other in different lifetimes.

They both broke into a smile as they collapsed into each others’ bodies, their souls intertwined for eternity.


“Nudity is a choice, nudity is art, nudity isn’t provocative if you appreciate beauty in its rawest form.”

Nudity is a form of art, if you ask me. Sending nude photos are supposed to be done artsy and fancily, in my opinion. Showing off every bit of your skin is intimate, and it is a privilege for the other person to be able to experience sensory pleasure from someone’s naked body. Nudity is often correlated to sex but I strongly disagree. Nudity does not have to be sexual. Nudity in my opinion, is the purest form of beauty, and it is supposed to be innocent. For instance, a baby born from its mother’s womb is unclothed. You look at them tenderly for they are so immaculate and innocent. Yet when a woman or a man is naked, people associate it with shamefulness. Why?

I personally enjoy taking nude pictures and sending it to mi amor and he enjoys them. It feels wonderful to have your body being appreciated by another human. It feels like you’re accepted despite the love-handles, the birthmark, the stretchmarks and other flaws on your body. For once, you’re actually beautiful in someone’s eyes. I’m quite a nudist myself and I would enjoy basking under the sun, naked; but I never had the chance to.

let me pose like one of your french girls

That’s a slight variation from the original “draw me like one of your french girls” (Titanic) quote. After a long day, I just get punchy and I like to flirt around a bit. I’ve never said that exact phrase to Daniel but he knows it right away when I’m asking hinting for a session of passionate love making. Being nude is being free. You’re in your own skin around someone you adore and you let them softly caress your skin, slowly kissing until they reach your weakest spot. You start melting in their arms and finally all you hear is just the powerful orgasm of two people who are irrevocably in love with each other.

I just wished people would see nudity the way some people see it like I do. It’s supposed to be something beautiful, not shameful. With all that being said, nu is the new black.

Stay nude.