On High Functioning Anxiety

Maybe everyone has a degree of high functioning anxiety in them, I noticed that I do this everytime when I have a fairly high degree of stress which then translates into anxiety. Coupled with music it becomes high functioning anxiety. I never understood social anxiety either but now I feel it, it must’ve been something … Continue reading On High Functioning Anxiety

Unconscious to Subconscious Awareness

The unconscious feeling of becoming you and the rest in this life, feelings of inadequacy still come up from time to time, but self-love works. I see the facade through which I was operating on another level at that time, wait, no. It wasn’t. It was just easier because positive mantra chanting meditation was easier, … Continue reading Unconscious to Subconscious Awareness

The OA

You, you come back to me in different ways. Subtle ways that I could have never even imagined. It’s true, you’re always going to be a part of me, one that no matter how hard I try to erase because of the hurt, will always stay with me. Looking at it from a different set … Continue reading The OA


“For from ashes, you will rise again to the depths of your soul and to the heights of your Highest Self.” How long has it been since I last conveyed my thoughts properly on this blogamedia? How many times have I fallen and tried to get up again to learn things again and again? Last … Continue reading Rise

No Goodbyes

“There are no goodbyes between lovers. It’s just a temporary one, like a short ‘bye’. Daniel has passed on. He went on December 6th, 1.30am although the nurse came a tad bit late, and pronounced his passing at 2.15am. I was truly broken when he passed, and all these months being here in the United … Continue reading No Goodbyes


“So listen to me when I say love isn’t something that we invented. It’s observable. Powerful. It has to mean something. Maybe it means something more – something we can’t yet understand. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can’t consciously perceive. I’m drawn across the universe to someone I … Continue reading Toujours